Universal Multifunction Accelerator (UMA)
An Award Winning Hardware IP with Software Flexibility

A breakthrough technology, based on patent pending Middle Stratum Operations (MSO), that introduces a new computational paradigm.

Parallel computation of MSO with our game changing architecture (UMA) that does more using smaller silicon area.
Configurable on the fly. One IP for all multimedia applications. Can accelerate any existing or new algorithm (e.g. H.265, H.264, AAC, JPEG…).


Feature Benefit Value to the customer
MSO based computations High performance & Low power consumption using a small IP Increased battery life
MSOs cover all algorithms in an application. Completely programmable hardware accelerator Single IP in place of multiple IPs
MSOs are configurable on the fly

Future ready. New algorithms can be ported on the same IP

Non-standardized algorithms can be accelerated

Avoid cost of manufacturing new SoC to support new algorithms
All computations on local memory Reduction in bus-bandwidth Large number of applications can be covered thereby increasing the breadth of available market
Programming through standard load/store instructions Easy and quick porting of algorithms Cost of managing high data bandwidth on system-bus reduces
Standard processor and system interfaces Easy integration into existing SoC Reduction in SW development cost and shorter time-to-market. No need for special compilers
No new tools or infrastructure are required to use UMA



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