Universal Multifunction Accelerator (UMA)
An Awarding Winning Hardware IP with Software Flexibility
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  Manjeera Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd. (MDS) is a DSP R&D house designing next generation computing architectures for high performance computing. We address the bottlenecks of existing processor/co-processor/accelerator architectures. Our patent pending Middle Stratum Operations (MSO) based architecture leads to a disruptive technology bringing a fundamentally different approach to computing with very high performance at low power consumption.

Universal Multifunction Accelerator (UMA) series of products cover wide range of applications such as multimedia (audio, video, image) processing, data security (encryption, decryption, hashing) , graphics, algo-trading, general computing and so on. UMA architecture facilitates run time configurability and hence can be used to accelerate any future algorithms. UMA can be used even in applications where it is not possible to have any hardware accelerators.


Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, International Institute for Information Technology,



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